Entering the Water Industry Awards 2018 is a straightforward process that need not take up hours of your time. We’re looking for short punchy entries that match the category criteria, with the key information and data clearly showcased. Tell the judges what they need to know, and tell them loudly!

You can view the 2018 categories and judging criteria right here.

But for vital tips and guidance to help create a winning entry, including:

1, Judges secrets - multiple Water Industry Awards judge (Paul Jeffrey, Professor of Water Management & Director of Water Theme, Cranfield University) reveals the secrets to success, the three things he looks for when judging entries

2, Previous winners and shortlists - understand who won the 2017 awards plus the shortlisted entries

3, Exclusive entry guidance from the lead judges, the people taking the lead across the various categories

4, Categories and judging criteria - review the category notes in a helpful PDF and printed format to share with colleagues

5, Rules and regulations - those all important rules and regulations, we’d hate to have to reject your (potentially award winning) entries due to something minor or easily avoidable

Simply fill out the form below to download our entry guide.

Good luck! 

Entries for the Water Industry Awards 2018 have now closed. Register your interest for 2019  here or book your table.

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